The Culwell™ Flange

Introducing a 'New' Standard in closet flanges.

Say goodbye to costly water damage that the traditional toilet flange cannot prevent. This revolutionary new product and its proprietary design work to prevent leaks, water damage and costly repairs. It's the only product on the market that takes the property into account and not just the plumbing!

New construction or remodeling, the Culwell™ Flange can save building owners and property managers thousands of dollars in time and repairs over the life of the property. The Culwell™ Flange provides a complete water seal SOLUTION and, has quickly become the new standard for specifying architects and engineers.

  • The only one-of-its-kind – when installed by manufacturer
    recommendations, it is the only closet flange that seals to the floor, creating an impenetrable water-tight seal.
  • The 'New' standard – this product set the standard that is currently used to address property management leaks and costly repairs caused by water damage*.
  • Designed by a Licensed Master Plumber – it's intuitive design and water-tight seal come from a true understanding of the needs of those installing and maintaining it.

No other product on the market seals to the floor!

Check out the Glue-in and Compression Models!


See the Culwell™ Flange demonstration.